As a coach, trainer or mentor content is your business.  The information you share, the advice that you give and the knowledge that you write or record forms your business.  All your content in your coaching business is centred around your Zone of Genius, your Mastermind Specialist Subject if you like – it allows you to help and support your crowd and make a difference to their world. Whether we are talking blogs or social media posts, articles or newsletters your content is what makes your business.

So, let’s dive into some content ideas to improve your content in your business.

1. Become An Observer

Watch for the content which catches your eye.  Ask yourself – what is it that made me stop and look at this?  It might be the emails you open in your inbox – why do you open certain ones immediately and not others?  It might be that Facebook post that stopped you flicking through your newsfeed – what made you stop? It might be that blog that you were compelled to read – why?  The more you observe the things that the like the more inspiration you can get about how to create compelling content in your business. Top Tip – look at the stuff that you don’t like too! I subscribed to certain emails because I don’t like them, I would have normally hit unsubscribe immediately but keeping them falling into my inbox means that I can keep a check on why I don’t like them and make sure I’m not doing those things in my business.

2. Ask Questions

Ask your crowd what they are struggling with and what you can help them with.  When you ask the question you will get lots of ideas for content and how you can continue to provide great quality, compelling content for your crowd.

3. Use Video

Videos make amazing content – share them on your Facebook Page and see your reach increase (video has been king of content on Facebook lately), share them on YouTube (the second biggest search engine in the world – only behind Google) or embed them into your blogs. Videos allow your crowd to get to know you a bit more & form a relationship with you.  It’s much more personal than a written post.

4. Look At Where You Could Be Found

Think about the platforms your crowd may hang out on and where they are most likely to come across your content.  Are your crowd hanging out on:-

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Medium

You can’t be everywhere all of the time but look at ways that you can maximise your profiles and be in the places your crowd are hanging out.  You can automate the social media posts for the platforms you aren’t focusing on.  You are much better focusing on 2 platforms where your crowd are most likely to hangout and then schedule, automate and make easy those platforms that your crowd at less likely to be on.

5. Recycle Content

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  One piece of content can be used in stacks of different ways.  Decide on a topic – write an article, that article can then be a blog and shared on your social media, broken down into social media posts, recorded as a podcast and video, made into an image – gosh, that one piece of content can be turned into so many different things.  Once you have made it into those things then log it and use it again in the future.  You can re-use content in it’s entirety or tweak it and use it again.

6. Index Your Content With The Search Engines

Indexing your blogs with Google will ensure that you have better search engine optimisation and will rank higher in the google rankings.  Make sure the search engines can see your website and the content that’s on there.

7. Optimise Your Content

Use hashtags and tags on Social Media where appropriate and optimise your blog content.  If you have a WordPress Website you can use the plugin Yoast in order to make sure you are getting the best SEO for your content.

8. Think About Your Key Words

What are your crowd likely to type into a search engine about the problems they are experiencing and when they are looking for help such as yours?  Take a look at those key words and make sure that you are optimising your content in order to hit those words.

9. Make Sure You Are Using Images In Your Content

Images catch peoples’ attention.

10. Optimise Your Content For Opt-Ins

Think about how you can use your content in order to grow your list.  You need to make sure that you are list building with your content too.  At the bottom of my blog posts I have Magic Action Box which is a WordPress Plugin which pops lovely looking sign up boxes at the bottom of my blog posts.

11. Never Forget Who You Are Writing For

Make sure you have always got your crowd at the forefront of your mind when you are creating content.  You are doing it for them!

If you struggle with content creation right now I promise it’s something that can become your friend.  There are often occasions when I sit down, I’m feeling inspired and I can write 10 blogs without coming up for air.  On other occasions I can’t write a bloomin word.  I have come to accept that on the days when it doesn’t flow it’s best just to step away.  Don’t try and force it.  When you try to force it your content will be pants anyway!

If you’d like a little more help & support with creating your content then check this out…..

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