Guest blog from the lovely Hayley Gillard from Self Care Compass. She talks about the benefits of a 10 minute time out and how to do it.

We all get those days when we have a task we just HAVE to get done. We NEED to focus and we can’t deal with any distractions. I used to feel like this every single day, I really did. Running my own business from home meant I was easily distracted, would sometimes get absorbed by something that needed doing in my house and not in my work and I’d often find that come 5pm when I tried to finish work, I couldn’t, because I still hadn’t got done what I needed to do. Even though I’d had the whole day to do it and had set a “realistic” goal.

As coaches and women entrepreneurs we are constantly creating new products, helping more clients, thinking about our next big plan, managing social media, tracking our stats and hardly ever stopping to sit back and appreciate. Juggling all those plates whilst still trying to shove some dinner down your mouth and drop your kids off at swimming lessons at the same time. I get it. I’m exactly the same!

It can be pretty overwhelming. Even for those of us who absolutely LOVE what we’re doing, it can still sometimes feel like we’re out of our depth. Add to this all those other things we do! Oh just those little things you know like kids, relationships, social life (what social life I hear you say), keeping the house tidy, entertaining family and cleaning up after the pets/husband/kids.

There’s one thing I know for sure – you have to get really flippin’ good at being productive!
And actually productivity, focus, feeling creating and achieving, all comes down to self-care.

It’s not realistic at all to sit and completely power through. I love those days when I’m fully in the flow and get loads done but they don’t happen all that often for me (yet!). I talk a lot about how important it is to create a routine of self-care so you can get productive, so you can finish the tasks you need to finish and you don’t end up at the end of the week completely stressed out and hating yourself or your life!

This week I found myself giving this advice to a very dear friend of mine. She was completely stressed out that she needed to get a big task done that day. On top of that, she was ill, burnt out and actually just really needed a holiday. We’ve all been there haven’t we?

Watch this video to find out what advice I gave her and what advice I give many of the women I coach.

So the key piece of advice to take home? Create a self-care habit in your day. I always say: self-care isn’t selfish it’s essential. I can’t stress that enough. Not only for our relationships and our well-being, but for our productivity and focus too!

Here’s how you set up a 10 minute Time Out routine:

  1. Grab a piece of paper, use Pinterest or find a pretty notebook.
  2. List/collage as many things you can think of that you LOVE to do for relaxation in a 10 minute time frame (I’ve listed some examples below)
  3. Add to it whenever you like, it’s not an exhaustive list and it’s good to get lots of options on there because some days you’ll fancy some things more than others.
  4. Start today. Just start with an easy win. Instead of powering through today like a wild woman, take just ONE 10 minute break.
  5. If you get in the habit of taking a 10-minute break, introduce more and watch your productivity soar! Google and Apple give their staff all that creative thinking time off for a reason!
  6. EXTRA TIP: Keep your list in a safe place, on your wall or fridge, for when you need an emergency break too. Sometimes we can get so het up in something, so stressed out and so overwhelmed that we need to stop, walk away and recalibrate. Your 10 minute Time Out list will really come into its own then too and allow you some breathing space to relax and clear your head and go back into the situation with a calmer frame of mind.

Stuck for ideas of what you do in your 10 min breaks?

What about things like taking the dog round the block, reading a chapter from your favourite book, picking some herbs from the garden, making a cup of tea, dancing to a few songs… Whatever you choose, make it fun, make it relaxing, make it positive. Checking your facebook news feed doesn’t count, loading the dishwasher doesn’t count, feeding the cat doesn’t count. Do something for YOU!

About Hayley

Hayley Gillard is a Self Care Coach supporting women to live a life full of happiness, confidence and clarity, build from a place of self-care. She is the Founder of Self Care Compass

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