Hey lovely,   I’m Emma Holmes and it’s my mission to empower you to unleash the shackles of hustle, hardship & hassle and create a business & life that truly rocks!


Here’s the thing, YOU are the epi-centre of your business.  Your health, wellness & energy is injected into your business each and every day. 

In order to optimise your business you must also optimise you, not in a half arsed “self helpy kinda way” but in a kick ass impactful way!  


I know, I know – mindset isn’t the sexy one and is so often the elephant in the room.  Trying to simply trudge beyond it but everyday getting caught in overwhelm, overanalysing, overthinking ~ jeez, all the overs. 

A mindset for success is about more than quotes and the token gestures of “believe in yourself” because if it were that simple we’d all have it nailed, right?! 



Let’s get practical here.  There’s so much you could do, there’s so much you’re told you should do BUT what will actually be impactful in YOUR business. 

No cookie cutter approach business advice here – hugely actionable steps that make a real difference without wasting time.  

Hi There, Want Some Help?

Time to re-calibrate your business trajectory by injecting a whole heap of fun, ballsy BUT smart strategy and no longer being a slave to the content, the social media, the hunger of your business.  It’s time to step into a new version of your business.  A 2.0 version.  A version that’s more rewarding (financially, in terms of your freedom and in your creativity),  version where you’re not questioning your every move and a version that ticks all the boxes to bring you the life you want.

I’ll meet you right where you are, we can even have a little re-write of what’s gone before and then work out exactly what you’re tomorrows wanna look like and navigate how you make that happen!

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3 Things you can do right now that your future self will thank you for…

The Backbone To Business Development

The Backbone To Business Development

Well doesn't that feel like a totally yawnsome title for an article 😴 I pinky swear it isn't.  We are going to be looking at 4 elements of your business that might just need your time, effort, energy & attention right now AND they are the elements that you need to...

How Not To Appear Desperate When You Totes Are

How Not To Appear Desperate When You Totes Are

Desperation grips and it grips REALLY TIGHTLY, desperation is consuming and it's panicky and it's uncomfortable.  You can sway from rabbit in headlights scared to sobbing in the corner in seconds.  You can doubt your abilities, your value, your pricing, your worth and...

You Don’t Have To Make A Choice Between Impact & Income – Sarah’s Story

You Don’t Have To Make A Choice Between Impact & Income – Sarah’s Story

It’s not a choice between impact & income Let me introduce you to Sarah.  Sarah is an absolute Rockstar.  She came to working with me in September 2019.  Sarah was feeling a little bit perplexed.  She was in the situation where her business was doing good! She was consistently turning over around £3k per month but she knew that there was more in there.  She was working really hard. She didn’t have any additional hours left to give to her business.  She’s a single mum of a teenage son and didn’t want to end up in the position where she was working every hour of the day.  She also wanted...

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Well hello, music to my ears?! Ok, I pinky swear I’m not going to sing BUT the podcast is a super duper way to dive into some learning, lots of epiphanies and a tonne of actionables that you can implement right away! 

I’m awesome company on walks, in the bath, at the gym, while you’re cooking tea or in the background. 

Join me and weekly guest hosts as we talk all things business, mindset, health & wellness and life generally!


My Rockstars Rock…

I promise you that this is a program like nothing else out there. It’s going to help you to get from scared to savvy in no time flat if you are willing to jump in and apply what Emma has to tell you about building a business.

Emma has got the heart, vision and passion that can help you to move even the most mountainous blocks. She’ll hold your hand and help you to shine your light brightly on your own path to illuminate your purpose.

Working with her has changed everything in my business and therefore everything in my life, and the best part of all is that I am here – on task and on purpose, helping the people I am here to serve. Supernova changes lives – not just yours, but all of the people that are waiting for you to get your shit together and get out there in a big way.

Kate Spencer

Emma Holmes is the best in the business, totally down to earth and a truth giver and gives a you a good hard kick up the bum when needed my business would not be doing so amazingly well without her amazing support and help , a true business Goddess

Andrea Lancaster

I had this inner voice that said look at what Emma has achieved. You know you trust Emma’s work so go for it!. Although I have tried many things over the years and I felt that I knew what I was supposed to do. I have come to this programme to learn and enjoy the adventure and just be fully present because that is all I can change. The group is a safe community and so supportive. I am making shifts in mindset and unpicking my limiting beliefs and really committing and trusting the process. The starter pack is ace. I love the videos in the modules they are informative, educational motivating and inspiring, they do make me giggle as well. A huge THANK YOU to Emma for this programme and all the work and support you give.

Cheryl Mercer

Thanks for all your wisdom today Emma – anyone sitting on the fence about if they should work with Emma or not. Jump off that painful place and get working with her to see your business thrive. For us it’s not about making a fast buck but setting up really solid structures that bring in the vibe – allows are our great courses to create big impact to more people and bring in the money. We have been working with Emma for 4 months and are now really seeing bookings begin to shift – Thank you

Jill Wooton