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Beyond Ordinary Biz Hub

Join a community of heart centred and soulful entrepreneurs. The monthly members club has access to amazing monthly content to develop and grow your business.  EVEN MORE THAN THAT you have access to a full business foundations programme plus a Q&A every month to talk about YOUR business.
This community is the foundations to your success.

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Limitless Launch

  The Limitless Launch programme is designed to take everything you need to take your ideas, fleeting thoughts and possibilities and create a leverage product out of them that can help masses of people and make you more money.


Business Supernova

Ready to Supernova your success?  This online programme is all about taking your business to the next level.  It is about bringing a small group of entrepreneurs together, entrepreneurs who “get” what this business building malarkey is all about and creating an hatchery for supernova growth.  This programme will deal with all elements of building your heart centred/soulful business.  No icky tactics or strategy.


1-2-1 Help & Support

Want my head directly in your business?  I love nothing more than getting my hands on heart centred entrepreneurs and really showing them the possibility and potential in their business.  Work with me 1-2-1 and get an injection of motivation, a whole dose of clarity, stacks of accountability and implementable strategy which is brought together with you and your business at the heart of it.


The Shop

Need some help on a specific subject?  Want to grab and go?  The shop has mini programmes and classes which are absolutely designed with outcomes and implementation in mind.  No staying stuck, no “ah that’s nice to know BUT how do I actually DO it” and no padding.  Perfect, bitesized help on specific subjects that you can access immediately.  Think; getting money rolling, start podcasting, get your head around Facebook Ads and more..



Want to get your hands on some delicious pages to dive into. There’s nothing quite like falling into the pages of a book and letting the words wash over you!

Right now you can get your hands on Beyond Ordinary & Facebook With Soul

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Working with Emma Holmes has changed my business life for the better. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, from reaching the right clients to transforming my website and empowering me when I had off days and inspiring me to trust the process. She’s a beautiful soul and without her guidance, I couldn’t have reached the next step in my business. Thank you!

Guards Hundel

Guards Hundel

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