The Rockstar Summit 2017

I am sooooo excited to present to you the Rockstar Summit 2017

5 FABULOUS Weeks of Summer Summit fun, learning & overall excitment.

So – without further a do here’s the link to this week’s fabulous Summit offering…

This Week On The Rockstar Summit 2017 – Dive In & Sign Up

Grab what stands out for you, grab as many as you like! Greedy isn’t a thing here! Once you’ve signed up you will be redirected to a little page that tells you how you can access your Masterclass(es) and what to do.

Please note that by signing up you will be subscribing to the email list of the person who is hosting the Masterclass you’ve shown interest in.  You will be totally free to unsubscribe from that list at any time if it’s not for you.  You won’t automatically be added to the Rebels & Rockstars subscription (unless of course you jump into one of my Masterclasses).

Here’s a little list of what’s to come…

Week Commencing 21st August 

Claire Winter – How To Get PR for Your Business

Anita McAloren – Your Business Mindset

Lisa Kelly Mulhern – Maximise Your Business Through Your Chakras

Marie Fell – Improving Posture For Us Desk Dwellers

Anna Jones – 5 Steps From A Body You Loathe To A Body You Love

Lindsey Archibold – 10 Ways To Make Money While Your Sleep

Romella Jones – Mums Survival Toolbox For Creating Calm

Week Commencing 28th August 

Vicky Powell – Market Research & Spying On Your Competitors

Kerry Chumbley – Goal Setting

Aneta Idczak – Being Yourself

Emma Holmes – A Head For Business

Karen Wilson – Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

Gemma Hills – How To Deal With Bullying

Orielle Taylor- You’ve Got This, Reducing Anxiety & Taking Back Control For The Whole Family

Gina Visram – Having It All – Bliss or Bull?

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