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I was taught that this page was designed to prove my “credibility”. I’m not so sure! Am I credible? Well, I think before we even get into that you need to know a little bit more about me, what makes me tick and whether or not you resonate with me.

Who The Funk Is Emma Holmes?

I’m Emma Holmes, founder of Coaching Rockstars. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am the mum of two lovely (well most of the time) little people, Jack and Maggie, and wife to a professional hero (sounds better than works for the Fire Service PLUS I reckon his ego quite likes the professional hero tag too.).

I’ll let you into a few little secrets about the paradoxical me;

I care A LOT

I’m soppy

I’m intuitive

I’m a butt kicker and a hugger

I’m a geek and a technophobe

I am selfish and selfless

I’m driven and lazy

I’m strong but I can break

I’m a control freak and an outsource advocate

I’m shallow but I’m oh so deep

I’m spiritual but I’m practical


And I’m super ok with that.

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THE best programme I have ever done I have never learnt and more importantly implemented so much in my business – it came at exactly the right time for me and has given me so much optimism for the future of my business

Cassie Farren

Cassie Farren



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